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One thing Davidson has taught me is that I am neither as accomplished a writer nor as avid a reader as I once believed. This realization has encouraged me to abandon pretense and defense mechanisms in favor of… Read More


I am Abbey Corcoran. Corcoran is Irish but backward it’s narocroc, which is nothing… but fun! I am frequently kept awake by my burning hatred of the racist-heteropatriarchy we live in, my love of Cool Ranch Doritos, and… Read More


My name is Ellie most of the time. I’m a Jersey Girl (hate pumping my own gas, love Bruce Springsteen) and a proud Jewish-American (read Jewish Grandma in training). Musical theater makes my heart soar and something just… Read More


Hi there, classmates! My name is Royce Chen. I’m a sophomore and intended English major from San Francisco, California. (Well, that’s not actually where I’m from. But it’s what I tell people because it’s easier than orally explaining… Read More


“Why not?” I remember asking my father this question after he adamantly refused to buy me a pair of roller-skates one August day roughly 13 years ago. I had just started the first grade and the idea of… Read More


      What wakes me up when I’m home are my chickens (pictured) and my neighbor’s rooster; at school it’s the quietest alarm I can manage, though sometimes I’ll wake myself up right before for no reason…. Read More


What wakes me up in the morning is anticipation: sometimes it’s a nervous anticipation of everything that must get done in a day, but most days it’s a calm anticipation of everything I want to do in a… Read More