Avant-Garde Writer Project

For this project, you will work in pairs to research, teach, and create a scholarly or teaching resource on an avant-garde figure of your choosing. The work sequence is:

  1. Form groups of 2 and choose an avant-garde writer/artist to study
  2. Select primary sources and any secondary sources and assign readings & any prep work
  3. Research and compose an annotated bibliography and post it to this site (category = AG bibliography)
  4. Use your annotated bibliography to write a literature review and post it to this site (category = AG lit review)
  5. Design a lesson plan, including specific goals and objectives, for a one-hour class (post to site with category = AG lesson plan) and facilitate class activities (submit self-evaluation 24 hours after class – in print or as email attachment)
  6. Participate in peer and self-evaluation debriefs at the end of each student-taught class: first the co-teachers will reflect, then the classmates will give feedback, and then Dr. Suzanne Churchill will give feedback.
  7. Create a scholarly/teaching digital resource on your writer/collection and post link to this site (category = AG Dig Resource)
  8. Write an individual reflection essay (500-750 words) in which you reflect on your group’s goals, your individual contributions, your work process, frustrations and obstacles, lessons learned, and the extent to which you fulfilled your goals and objectives. Submit to me in print or as email attachment.