Sarah Gompper

Hi! I’m Sarah. I’d like to invite you into my happy place, but ask that you don’t touch anything. This is my cocoon. Part of the reason this space is special is that it’s private. My blankets might be cheap, but they are soft. Tucked away, shielded from people and light, I can think. No, no, you can’t see the floor. Don’t even try. If you’re patient I will show you everything. I promise I know where it all is!

Up on your right you see pictures and posters. To your left there’s a beat-up banner, and directly in front of you, a long string of rainbow hearts. Every morning when I wake up I am pulled out of my tired head by stern, staring eyes, and the bold knowledge that Big Brother is watching me. I’m encouraged to do something worth seeing. Something that will get on his nerves. Is this how all people think of their gods? I’m not sure.

The window never opens. I’m scared of uninvited people and bugs. Just below it, however, is a bookshelf stacked full of books I open regularly. Some of them just stay open. They spill out and stack up on the floor as well, right near my sketch books and cheerleading gear.

As you leave, be careful not to trip over my bag of socks! Make sure to take a last glance at one of my favorite possessions: the sign on my door asking you to WATCH YOUR STEP.

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  1. What a fantastic happy place! I’m still not sure if it’s real or imagined–or both. The photo of you in what appears to be a warehouse or industrial space makes me think of Ralph Ellison’s The Invisible Man. There’s something surreal about that novel that also animates your prose, making it very intriguing and perhaps even avant-garde.

  2. Cocoon is a really interesting term for your “happy place.” While it’s comfortable and warm, it’s also defensive. Invariably, the world forces us to be that way sometimes.

  3. Your first sentence reminds me of Phoebe from Friends!!!! I also think that your use of short sentences and different sentence length variation is really strategic and makes your About me “punchy” and fun to read because of how it flows and cuts.

  4. I love how you approached this. It also was so surprising to me. Whenever I think of you I think of how happy, inviting and welcoming you are to everyone you meet. This post was a cool journey into a personal side of you. The physicality provides me with something that I can see and almost feel, which weirdly enough lets me understand the mental and non-physical side of you.

  5. I like the way you invited us to get to know you by inviting us into your space–I’m very interested in the idea of the physical spaces we design as representations of ourselves, autobiographies almost. The New School is in the middle of a project of digitizing avant-garde poet John Ashbery’s house, because a couple of scholars thought his house in Hudson, NY might be the best (auto)biography of the poet we’ll ever get. Check it out here!:

  6. What a cozy happy place! I’m kind of clumsy so I’ll be extra careful not to run into anything.

    I love the idea of spending your days trying to thwart Big Brother, and the idea of doing “something worth seeing.” Thanks for letting us readers “see” your happy space!

  7. I love love love the way in which you describe your room in this post! I feel as if I am standing in your room with you and I like the way your room seems to take on the qualities of a museum, and you by default, its curator. It was genius to describe yourself through your personal space–this act of expressing one’s self through one’s physical space or room is very avant-garde!

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