My name is Ellie most of the time. I’m a Jersey Girl (hate pumping my own gas, love Bruce Springsteen) and a proud Jewish-American (read Jewish Grandma in training). Musical theater makes my heart soar and something just shifts in my chest when I see a particularly gorgeous or particularly witty word or phrase and I can get distracted for hours talking about the economy without ever having any suggestions on what to do with it. I’m an extremely loving misanthrope.  I know a little about why I am the way I am, less about why I do what I do, and even less about what I want to do after I graduate. I also get different answers every time I ask somebody which Parks and Rec character I am.


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  1. What a gorgeous photo! Mina Loy would have loved it–or posed like that, except she wouldn’t have smiled fully (pretty sure she had bad teeth). Les Miserables is my favorite musical (seen it at least 5 times, including original London cast), though I’m awfully fond of the Sound of Music and have never cried more in live theater than at the P.E.I. production of Anne of Green Gables. I love the oxymoron of a loving misanthrope. As for P & R, I got: Jean-Ralphio
    You’re the life of the party! Or the death of the party. Depends who’s at the party.
    Take the quiz: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jenlewis/which-parks-and-recreation-character-are-you?

  2. “I know a little about why I am the way I am, less about why I do what I do”

    LOVED that sentence… I don’t know why (maybe because of the sound?) but I reread it like 3 times and thought I can definitely apply it to me too! I think it’s really interesting that we are both in Micro and this class together because could they BE any more different???? It’s really cool to be in different dynamics and spheres while learning. Also like you and Dr. ‘Chill I am a musical junky. My roommates want to kill me in the morning because I love to blare various soundtracks in the shower… I’m not allowed to play Hairspray before 10 am. anymore.

  3. I can definitely identify with “extremely loving misanthrope” (and I took the quiz and got Donna, which I think sort of works with that description?). I love the voice with which you write this bio; I appreciate the way you intersperse humor into more serious descriptions of yourself, and how this duality goes with your first sentence: “My name is Ellie most of the time.” What are your other names?

  4. I’m going to second Suzanne’s comment on that stunning photo! Also going to second your love for the Boss.
    I’ve been trying to assign you a P&R character this whole time and you’re right, it’s extremely difficult. Maybe a Leslie Knope/ Andy Dwyer combo? Actually no, that’s too much bounciness for one person. But if anyone were to be that mix it would be you.
    (For what it’s worth, I got Tom Haverford, which I completely disagree with.)

  5. Ellie, I know you really didn’t ask for this or consent to hearing about it but, I have to confess the question of what Parks and Rec character I am truly haunts me daily. The thing is, I love giving gifts. Of my love languages, receiving gifts is pretty low but, if there was an equivalent scale of ways you express love, gift giving would be my number one for sure. I just really love making people feel special and gifts are a really cool way to say “I know you.” So, as such, everyone always calls me Leslie Knope (legendary gift-giver) which, until I watched the show over the summer, was flattering. But now, I’m not so sure. You see, Leslie Knope seems to have an INEXHAUSTIBLE gift fund that I just can’t compete with. I mean, remember when she made Ben that throne out of swords? I just truly cannot afford the swords it would take (just one sword on Amazon Prime is $279 after all!) So, thanks to Parks and Rec, my gift giving will always be in the shadow of one Leslie Knope and I will always be bitter.

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