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I am not certain of what I want to do, but I am certain of who I want to become. I know this is probably naive, but it is true. Throughout my life I have had only one constant, my sister. She is who people refer to when they describe someone with character and decency. She has a heart with more strength and love than she knows what to do with, and she has never stopped believing in me. So, each day I wake up and actively work to be like her, and to become the courageous person that she thinks I already am. I collect quotes on courage, humility, presence, character and more to remind me of who I wish to become. Even if I fail at everything else I try to achieve, if I make my sister proud I will be satisfied.

Since a young Beansprout, I’ve dreamed big and even obnoxious dreams. My father constantly told me Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s quote, “Dream no small dream, for they have no power to move the hearts of men.” My dreams are still big, though ever changing. No matter what my aspirations are I firmly believe that the only thing that can ever stand between me and my dreams is me, or the work that is needed to achieve the dream. If it is me, I need to get out of the way; if it is work, then I will welcome it.

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  1. I’d love to meet your sister and hear more about her, especially if she’s anything like you. Have you read Barbara Kingsolver’s delightful book “The Bean Trees”? One of the characters gets nicknamed Turtle because of the strong, reptilian grip she has as a small child. Your bio makes me think your name, “Bean,” is just as apt for your vitality and interest in growth. Also “The Bean Trees” is about the strong bond between a woman and the “Turtle” she adopts, which reminds me of your bond with your sister.

  2. “Beansprout”– clever, haha. Agree with Dr. Chill that your sister sounds like an amazing person and one worth meeting! I really enjoyed the quote you shared as well, and feel like I should dream bigger dreams myself.

  3. I know what you mean about knowing who you want to become, and I don’t think it’s naive at all. I’ve looked up to my older sister my entire life–so much so that even my tennis coach used to use her as a bar to which I aspired. I also love the idea of welcoming the work that big dreams require of us, even though that can be scary.

  4. I LOVE “big and even obnoxious dreams.” You’re absolutely right that ambition is key, even if it’s not the laser-focused kind of ambition we tend to think of as “dreaming big.”
    Also, as an older sister, I can confirm that your big sister is probably looking up to you right now as much as you are to her. My little sister is one of the most fearless and caring people I know, and even though I’m going through life before her I hope to be more like her someday. I’m sure your sister is just as inspired by you and your big dreams as you are by her!

  5. Absolutely dream obnoxiously. If someone in your life has the gall to tell you that your dreams are too obnoxious, please use it as fuel to keep on going and by all means have the audacity to believe you will get there. I also think there are so many different ways to do good in this world, to have courage, to exercise compassion, character, and decency both in your career and in what you do outside of the workplace. I can’t imagine that your sister isn’t proud already, but keep on dreaming like this and I know she always will be.

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