I’ve been teaching at Davidson for 21 years. I can remember exactly how many years only because I landed the job at the same time I found out I was pregnant with twins. Luke and Thomas are now seniors in college, and their brother, Zac, is a high school junior. My husband, Matt, is an attorney in Charlotte, at a law firm that has a lot of English majors and opera singers turned lawyers, which makes for a wonderful, quirky corporate culture. We live in an old house near the center of town, known to locals as Dr. Wood’s office. College students used to be able to get a physical for $6, and Dr. Wood’s kindness and cough medicine were legendary. I like to think he’s the reason why our house has good karma. But I know that it also has to do with our neighborhood, which has a strict policy of well-used front porches, open doors, and free-range kids. Kids roam from house to house, while adults hang out together on the front porches and ignore them. We also have fenced-in back yards for the dogs, who used to play there before the mosquitoes took over.

group of children gathered to go to school

Free-range kids gathering to walk or bike to school on the first day, c. 2006 (Zac is second from the left, Thomas has his arm around Zac, and Luke is second from the right).

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  1. Wow, I can’t imagine what that year was like 21 years ago! Maybe sometimes it’s best to make big changes all at once (at least, that’s something I’m telling myself hopefully as I look towards life after graduation).
    I can confirm the old house’s good vibes, although I had no idea it was an old doctor’s office! (I think lots of credit for the good house karma should go to Josie and Ferguson too.)
    Also, it’s amazing how old photos can be that endearing even when you don’t know any of the people in them.

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