Maura and Sarah, preliminary reading list for Frances Simpson Stevens

Primary Source Readings:

Take a look at (and read the description of) Stevens’s last remaining painting, Dynamic Velocity of Interborough Rapid Transit Power Station, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art website:

Read Mina Loy’s short story, Gloria. The characters in the story, Gloria and Sophia, are believed to represent Frances Simpson Stevens and Mina Loy as they lived together and maneuvered the male-dominated Italian Futurist Movement. On this database you can read Loy’s typed version, and look at her original, hand-written notes for the story:

Secondary Source Readings:

Please review Krauss’s Originality of the Avant-garde for class.

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  1. Given how little of her work remains, do you think it would be helpful to read relevant excerpts about Stevens from Carolyn Burke’s biography of Loy (or any other secondary source you’ve uncovered that discusses her in more detail)?

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