Preliminary Reading for the Picabia’s

Reading assignments:


  • (If you need a refresher) Skim our biographies that we posted (latest drafts) for background on our person
  • Gabrielle Buffet Picabia’s “Some memories of Pre-Dada: Picabia and Duchamp” (scanned PDF)
  • Make two hypothesis comments on some preliminary thoughts or ideas you have about the relationship between Gabrielle and Francis- How did they impact one another?
  • Create a headline (imagine what a headline might be about this couple – just be creative, whatever comes to your mind based off the readings) and post it on the bottom of the document



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  1. Are his artworks included in the J-Stor essay? If not, can we study some of them? Francis Naumann’s New York Dada has great reproductions and a chapter on him, too, if I recall correctly).

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