Reading list! Frances Simpson Stevens!

Primary Source Readings:

Take a look at (and read the description of) Stevens’s last remaining painting, Dynamic Velocity of Interborough Rapid Transit Power Station, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art website:

Read Mina Loy’s short story, Gloria. The characters in the story, Gloria and Sophia, are believed to represent Frances Simpson Stevens and Mina Loy as they lived together and maneuvered the male-dominated Italian Futurist Movement. On this database you can read Loy’s typed version, and look at her original, hand-written notes for the story:

PREP PAGES: Illustrate Loy’s story, Gloria (in any form/ media that makes sense to you!) How does this change your understanding of the story and characters?

WARNING: Maura and Sarah will be incorporating your prep pages in their digital project (meaning your work will be online)! You can decide to opt out or include your work anonymously (just let your teachers for the day know), but the more thought you put into this prep assignment, the better!

Secondary Source Readings:

Read Burke, Sawelson-Gorse, and Naumann (pdf posted to class site) in Art in America, paying close attention to the photographs of Stevens’s lost paintings and line drawing.

Burke, Carolyn and Naomi Sawelson-Gorse. “In Search of Frances Simpson Stevens.” Art in America, 82.4 (1994): 106-115. Print.

Naumann, Francis M. “A Lost American Futurist.” Art in America, 82.4 (1994): 104-113. Print.

Please also review Krauss’s Originality of the Avant-garde and Sarah’s bio draft of Frances Simpson Stevens for class. This will help you prepare for class discussion! Be thinking about the process of bringing (lost) art to life.

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