1 Comments on “In case anyone else thought the name Man Ray sounded familiar and/or wanted a grown up reason to watch Spongebob”

  1. What a find! How perfectly Dada that Man Ray is put on an equal, evil playing field with Dirty Bubble (whose insignia would no doubt be a shady circle or zero: O)! One theory of modernism and the avant-garde, proposed by Andreas Hyussen and endlessly attacked by subsequent critics, is that modernism abhors mass culture and reviles anything popular, retreating into a purified, elitist realm of high art, whereas the avant-garde embraces mass culture and popular forms, seeking to level the playing field and attack the sacred realm of High Art. Although Hyussen’s theory of the “Great Divide” doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, Spongebob’s appropriation of the avant-garde seems to endorse–or perhaps reverse–his claim about the cuddly relationship between avant-garde and mass commercial culture.

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