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Community Memes

Rules: The meme audience is confined to our Media and Community classroom. The meme must refer to a joke or classroom “insider” The image doesn’t have to be from class or related to the class, but the word/image… Read More


Community: This specific meme appeals to students. However, because the meme is so broad, it can be applied to just about any community. Visual Rules: singular, multi-subjeect picture have one zoomable subject subject must be contradiction of other… Read More

Party Pooper Meme

The community that this meme speaks to is the Davidson student who wanders down to F stone cold sober, but can relate to the Davidson student body as a whole. Only people familiar with Davidson jargon will understand… Read More

Make your own meme

Make Your Own Meme: Working definition: A meme is a word/image composition in a single frame or panel that can be replicated with infinite variables within certain (flexible) rules and parameters. It must be instantly recognizable and can be… Read More