Posts due: Wed., Feb. 8, before class (category = impersonation)
Comments due: Wed. Feb. 15.

Imagine you are an actor, producer, director, costume designer, make-up artist, or other person associated with the making of the Hunger Games (2007) movie. Write an essay (750 words max) explaining your interpretative choices. Write in the first person, as if you were responding to an interviewer’s questions. Be precise about what you chose to do and why. Give specific examples from the book and the film (quote dialogue or describe scenes). Include a screen shot or video clip from the film to illustrate who you are or what you did.

You don’t have to mention everything. In fact, your essay will be more effective if you have a clear focus that you develop and support with evidence than if you provide a list or catalog of examples that you can only address superficially.

Be strategic about how and where you introduce evidence to support each point. Follow up the evidence with an explanation of how it supports your point.

As you develop your ideas, think about who you are in conversation with. What ideas or assumptions are you challenging or supporting? What critical conversation are you intervening in? You could put yourself in conversation with Suzanne Collins’ novel, comparing and contrasting her text with your film interpretation. You may use the library resources to find credible, authoritative experts. You can also consult film reviews in reputable papers like the New York Times, the Guardian, or the Los Angeles Times.

To earn a satisfactory mark, your impersonation post must meet the specifications for all analytical posts.