Due: any time during the semester up until Friday, May 5th.

The Community Scoop post is a chance for you to apply what you learn in this course to the world beyond. You may write about anything related to media and/or community:

  • a campus event, controversy, habit, or behavior
  • a local community event, problem, or tradition
  • a national or international event, trend, crisis, debate, community, or subculture
  • a specific text or form of media you follow or have discovered and want to analyze more closely
  • a specific community you’ve joined, observed, or participated in, such as an academic conference, political protest, athletic event, service project, or spring break trip

For example, Helen might write about the swim team, Sabrina might write about women in the coding community, Ryan might write about being part of a cast of a play, or Jon K. might write about working in a car dealership. Each of you has access to distinct communities, many of which are formed or solidified through some common form of media. Tell us about one, and learn more about it (and yourself) in the process of reflecting on and analyzing it.

You may write on any topic, but your post must fulfill the specifications for all analytical posts. You may post as many Community Scoop posts as you like and earn tokens doing so. You may post at any point in the semester, but no later than Friday, May 5th.