Charlie Goldberg

Last Spring, I wrote another about me post for a different class with Dr. Churchill, and rereading it made me realize not much has changed. The back story remains the same – I’m Charlie Goldberg, sophomore from Wilmette, Illinois…

Any day now I’ll finally declare my long-expected English major, meanwhile minoring in economics. Books are nice and all, but I really chose the English major since I think it’s the best way to practice creativity and effective communication. These days I spend most of my free time working on different ideas and projects, including videos, music and my company Get It Poppin. Beyond that, I still eat at The Wildcat Den a lot, still like The Shining, and still wish I could get the nickname “Mr. Clean” to catch on (maybe this is the year). Looking forward to getting to know all of you better.


  1. Hey Charlie!

    I am also and English/Econ person for similar reasons that you probably will choose it. From what you have described, I can definitely relate to you with how you are always thinking of the next thing, and I also love The Shining. Can’t wait to get to know you better and hear some of your ideas.

  2. Hi Mr. Clean,

    Great business move including a hyperlink to your website in the post. Always thinking a step ahead. That’s some pretty sweet merch you have.

    I really love the way you explained why you have decided to become an English major. I echo those sentiments entirely. People always joke about how English majors don’t have job prospects after school, but I think this major shapes us to be the best thinkers and writers, which is essential for any line of work. The Den is the spot, and I hope to have weekly Monday lunches with you there.

    Keep it poppin,


  3. Hey Charlie,
    It was cool to be partners with you last class. Can I ask what is so great about the Wildcat Den? I’ve always been genuinely curious about its appeal; to me, it seems like the Davis Cafe except farther away and only sandwiches. I’m not judging you or anything. Just curious.
    ~ Hannah L ~

  4. Hey Charlie,

    I agree with Kameron – great business move and the english major is where it’s at for job mobility/prospect/communication and of course it can be a ton of fun (especially if I focus on the great authors I’ve come to love and the knowledge the drier authors I can’t stand have helped contribute to the authors I adore – I see you Chaucer).

    I’d like to hear more about your company – how it started, why it started, and most importantly do you say “gip” or G.I.P” when you shorten it?

    Who’s your favorite author and why? Like I said to Lauren, Nick, she, and I, (and now you) all share a passion for communication on screen and I really hope that we can introduce that to the class some how. After all, the camera and film was high speed evolving during the ’20s and ’30s!

    I look forward to getting to know you!


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