Required Work

Participation is essential to your individual success in this course, as well as to the success of the course as a whole. Effective participation begins with good preparation. Read, watch, or listen to the assigned texts, and take notes as you go (see How to Read). Come to class with relevant texts and assignments (we often take “book attendance”), prepared to join the questions. Ask questions. Test out ideas that aren’t yet fully formed. Admit when you don’t know or understand something. There’s no shame in not knowing: the only shame is missing an opportunity to learn.

In the addition to the assigned texts, you will be responsible for:

  • Two group timelines with individual reflection essays (15% each)
  • Two individual artifact analyses essays (10% each)
  • Two oral presentations of artifact analyses (5% each)
  • Reflection Essay based on the Washington, DC trip (10%)
  • Final group project with individual reflection (15%)
  • Prep Pages (10%)
  • Attendance & Participation (5%)