The Development of Manga in Connection to the Meiji Restoration

Link to the Instagram

Instructions: Above, is the link to the Instagram account account for our project, which is compatible both on cell phone and computer. This page directs you to the Meiji Manga Fan Page, which we used as our main starting point to begin this project. Under the bio of that page, is the link to move on to the next artist to see their work and our analysis of such work through captions and the comments. These instruction apply to all pages; from MeijiFan, you would go to Japan Punch to view work by Wirgman, from Wirgman you go straight to Kiyochika, and then the last page would be that of Nakazawa.

Our #Cismeijimanga page can also be viewed as well, which shows a collection of all works, from most popular to recent posts.

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